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DV Dairy Integrated Farm is an integrated modern farm consists of Dairy farm, Goat farm, Poultry Farm, Fish farm, Rabbit Farm, Honey Bee Farm & Silkworm Farm. We are committed to provide our products with high standards of product quality. We are maintaining the farm very immaculate and hygiene. We are upholding our farm animals of Cow, Goat, Chicken, Fish, Honey bee with regular basis with supervision of qualified and trained persons as well as Veterinary Doctors. Our product portfolio includes Milk, Ghee, Butter, Panneer, Honey & Bee pollen. DV Milk is a brand of DV Dairy Farm Milk product which is a most modern dairy farm, with a production capacity of more than 500 liters a day. We ensure that our cows and other farm animals are staying stress free and exhibit their natural behavior. Building a fully functioning dairy farm is a multi-industrial undertaking. We are very familiar with all required personnel relating to the dairy industry and can put together a highly qualified team to serve your needs.


Located in the lush greenery of Karaikurichy, 3 km close to T.Palur, 17 km near to Kumbakonam, 15 km near to Jayankondam, Ariyalur District in Tamilnadu, the DV Dairy Farm is spread over 5 acres. The farm is the most advanced, equipped with the finest international technology for feeding, milking and processing, conforming to international dairy practices. We have been cultivating necessary food and required nutrition for our cows within the DV Dairy Farm. Our high standard Cooling System touch panel controllers monitor the temperature and regulate misting system in livestock facilities. The controllers are the heart of the system and make the best use of your resources to help keep livestock comfortable, healthy and productive.

DV Milk brand is a reflection of our passion for milk. We believe in the significant part played by milk, strengthening and protecting the body and mind to live a fuller, more complete life each day. We believes that cow’s milk at its best represents the pinnacle of nutrition and health. The happier cows are, the healthier the milk and naturally more Omega-3s – means best nutrition for your family.


Our goal is to create a sustainable, environmentally and technologically advanced dairy farm. We are adhering to India’s tradition of raising cows naturally and treating them with respect. At DV Dairy Farm, we seek to deliver a healthy and quality product from our farm to you.


Our motto is, “A Dairy Farm for India’s Future.” We seek to revolutionize India’s dairy industry. We would like to make it as an integrated farm. Our vision takes into consideration our fragile environment, so we will always adhere to the most sustainable practices. To us, sustainability means integrating plant and animal practices as well as financial and community systems. We wants to cultivate the agriculture with help of animals as well as develop the Dairy farm production with using agriculture.